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Two Old Restaurants to Close; Todd English As an Oyster

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Come in, come in. Sit, mangia! It's Eater Boston.

CAMBRIDGE—One of the area's oldest restaurants has announced that it isn't long for this world. After over half a decade in business, Casablanca in Harvard Square plans to close by August. But will it? Rumor has it that Dante chef-owner Dante DeMagistris might save it.

KENMORE SQUARE—Eater spoke with Island Creek Oyster Bar general manager Tom Schlesinger-Guidelli about how long weekend guests have to wait to sit down for an oyster slider, how his uncle used to pay him to eat weird foods, and what it was like when Larry David came in for dinner. Turns out it was a lot like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

CHARLESTOWN—It's been a big week in the news for celebrity chef and Boston restaurateur Todd English. Last night he appeared on the Food Network show Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell in search of a new chef for his NYC restaurant Olives, but back in Boston the original Olives in Charlestown was the subject of much brick-throwing. Also, he named an oyster after himself, and you can now eat it, if you want to.

BRIGHTON/KENDALL SQ —Longtime neighborhood fixture The Stockyard has been sold and is now closed, at least for the time being. If it's any condolence, The Blue Room and Central Bottle team plan to open a new spot called Belly Wine Bar in Kendall Square.