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Grillgate! North End Rooftops Aflame w/ Illegal Barbies

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It seems it's always something in the North End. Hammered college kids' vomit outside front doors. Dog shit in ballparks. Now it's grills on rooftops. The intrepid souls at climbed high recently and snapped photos of several gas and charcoal grills splayed innocently enough on neighborhood roofs.

Two problems with these: they're illegal (no non-electric grills allowed citywide above the first floor); and they're potentially quite dangerous. There was the July 2010 grill-caused fire in Charlestown that destroyed two buildings. And there was also that time, a month later, that a woman fell off a North End rooftop party and—sorry to ruin your morning—got wedged between two buildings and had to be yanked loose. We could shrug at the vomiting complaints. (Don't want to hear kids yelling and bottles clinking at 2 a.m.? Don't live smackdab in the middle of an area noted for its bars and restaurants.) And, like you, we could laugh at the dog-shit ones. But these grills... One or two errant flames, and there could be serious trouble.

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