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Family Values: 2 H Street Adds Three-Bedrooms, Wins City O.K.

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The planned apartment development at 2 H Street in Southie touched a raw nerve when it was first rolled out. Residents didn't care for the 135 apartments and the roof deck meant to replace an old warehouse and storage yard. The apartments were all smaller than three bedrooms (read: unfriendly toward families, a perennial and persistent problem citywide and even regionally) and the roof deck just invited raucous parties. "We’ve all been 21 and 22, but the noise is a concern," as one resident put it at a public hearing in April.

Well, the roof deck is gone. And the 135 apartments are now 127. And 10 of those will be three-bedrooms so as to be deliberately targeted toward tenants with children. "We were very concerned about trying to keep the neighbors as happy as possible during the rezoning process and the design of the building,” developer Peter Zagorianakos told The Herald's Greg Turner. That concern and the changes from it (and, let's face it, the push-back from residents) has led to approval for 2 H Street by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.

The $38 million project will also include 183 underground parking spaces and retail on East First Street. It joins a plethora of rental projects going up in the Hub, which we conveniently mapped for you last week.

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