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Let's All Grimace at These Columbus Ave. Listing Photos

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O.K., so this new listing at 614 Columbus Avenue near Northeastern is clearly a rental being sold—that is, for landlord-investors, not owner-occupiers (there's even a lease for it all the way through next summer). But, c'mon! The 994-square-foot condo is asking $505,000—not pearl-clutching money but nothing to sneeze at, either. So one would expect better than what looks like an overturned, closed umbrella hanging from a lamp; fast-food cups on the coffee table; a folding end table next to the red couch all akimbo; some kind of disco-ball-simulating throw rug; dishes in the sink; liquor bottles on the cabinets (vodka and white rum by our guesstimate); a waded-up napkin on the kitchen floor; and the old upside-down mop routine by the washer-dryer. Charming.

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