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North End Toilet Will Not Be Denied; Broker Optimism; More!

NORTH END—Hey, parking's both expensive and impossible downtown. This toilet has either been just hanging out or saving a space on Charter Street for several days, apparently. [The Hub]
MASS-WIDE—The state's Realtors association, at least, is looking on the bright side: "The group's Realtor Market Index (RMI) and Realtor Price Index (RPI) continue to be up compared to the year before. While short sales and foreclosures continue to have a larger-than-normal presence in the market, the majority of Realtors who work with these types of sales reported no change in this part of their business compared to last year, according to the report." [Banker & Tradesman]
HUB-WIDE—With a letter to Cardinal O'Malley, Lawrence Mayor William Lantigua has jumped into the controversy over certain restrictions the Boston archdiocese places on property it sells: "I implore you to revisit the deed restrictions that the Archdiocese has placed on the sale of Church-owned properties, specifically that which bars the use of these buildings for educational purposes. I offer no opinion on other restrictions, but respectfully ask that you not hinder our chance for greater academic advancement by continuing to include this onerous constraint in your sale negotiations and deed documents." [CommonWealth]