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Cantabrigians Abuzz Over Fate of Porter Square Building

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The fate of the 17,384-square-foot building at 1967 Mass. Ave. near Porter Square is causing quite the buzz in the People's Republic. Pourquoi? As Richard Henry, who's relocating his Stellabella Toys from the building to one in Davis Square, tells Marc Levy of Cambridge Day: “I know there has been interest in the building, I know there have been discussions. I think it’s close ... We had an option to wait it out and see what happens. But that building is eventually going to get sold, and my presumption based on Cambridge real estate and zoning: It’s a pretty good bet that whoever buys that building is going to take it down.”

The 82-year-old building, owned by the Slate family (as in Bob Slate Stationer) is zoned for business. But big changes may be a-coming for the immediate surrounding vicinity via SomerVision. A new owner of the building may see legit dollar signs in a zoning change that allows for apartments or mixed-use. Time to update the Curbed Boston Rental Heatmap? Sit tight! Development in Cambridge can take a while. Just ask Forest City and M.I.T. over in Central.

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[Marc Levy via Cambridge Day]

Porter Square

1899 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140