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Boston Getting Higher Than It's Been in A While

'Tis been a while since there was talk of this many tall sprouts amid the Boston skyline. You've got:

· the planned Copley Place, the 47-story, 600-foot condo and rental tower;
· the 606-foot Millennium Tower, of course, on the old Filene's site;
· and what could end up being another neck-strainer on Federal Street (if not the tallest tower in Boston).

There hasn't been a new skyscraper in Boston taller than 600 feet since Don Chiofaro finished One International Place in 1987 (and he'd like to finish another tall one on the waterfront, though the city has other plans for now). The rest of the 600-plus-footers—the Hancock, the Pru, the Federal Reserve Building, One Boston Place—all go back at least a generation. Fire up the postcard presses!

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Copley Place

2 Copley Place, Boston, MA 02116 617 262 6600

Millennium Tower

1 Franklin Street, , MA 02110 Visit Website