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Boston's 20 Most Iconic Dishes; Fire Shuts Down Prezza

And now the weekly visit from our trencherman cousin, Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—This week Eater dropped the first ever mapped guide to Boston's 20 most iconic dishes, including the roast chicken at Hamersley's Bistro, the gnocchi stuffed with prunes at No. 9 Park and many more. Collect them all!

FORT POINT—Celeb chef Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger in Wellesley and the show Simply Ming has announced plans to expand beyond the burbs and open a restaurant right in Boston in what was once the A Street Deli (on A Street). Another venue dubbed Internal Matter is also heading for this part of town and aiming to open on Channel Center St.

COMM AVE—Remember how The Upper Crust is embroiled in a PR nightmare for labor violations and internal lawsuits? And remember how people really like Otto Pizza from Portland? Try this on for size: Otto is moving into what was recently an Upper Crust near BU, signaling that that the Maine-based company may be poised to take up the local pizza chainlet mantle.

NORTH END/SOUTH END—Last weekend one of the most popular Italian restaurants in town was shut down due to damage from a kitchen fire. Prezza is now temporarily closed, but hopes to open again in time for Labor Day. If it's any condolence, the bright, cheery Puerto Rican restaurant Vejigantes is now open in the South End.