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Blower Ban Stands in Arlington; Fretting the 'Second Big Dig'

JAMAICA PLAIN—And, now, a word about all the commercial development going on about Boston, via the city's redevelopment authority: "Right now, the authority reports, contractors are swinging hammers and stripping wires on a total of 30 projects with a non-residential component citywide—including Arboretum Place, the twin commercial developments in Forest Hills." [Patch]
JAMAICA PLAIN—The mayor's called it a "second Big Dig," and business owners are worried about the Casey Arborway project, too: "Narrowed roads, closed sidewalks and the general chaos of construction could spell doom to businesses in Forest Hills. 'You're going to see a wasteland along Washington Street,' said Chef Brad Brown, owner of Blue Frog Bakery. 'There's going to be nothing left.'" [Patch]
ARLINGTON—Democracy in action, everybody! "A proposed ban on gas powered leaf blowers was narrowly upheld Thursday, as opponents failed to muster enough votes to overturn the measure in a special election." []

Casey Overpass

Casey Overpass, Boston, MA