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Nominate the Hub's Hottest Brokers for Hottest Week 2012

Presenting the first-ever Curbed Boston Hottest Week! We will pit hot (and we do mean physically so, not professionally) brokers against each other, tournament-style, to determine once and for all who is the hottest of the hot in the Hub.

The contest will kick off next month, and while we do consider ourselves excellent, objective judges of outer beauty, we want your nominations, too. The tipline—or should we say hotline (heh)—is open, so send us your pitches for the hottest Greater Boston broker, along with a photo or a link to one. (Got a hot architect, interior designer, or decorator to nominate? Head on over to Curbed National.) Nominations are due by 9 p.m. on Thursday, July 26, at which point we'll assess them and assemble them into an official list. Nominate yourself if you wish—we'll keep nominators confidential—and entries for both men and women are welcome.

[Background illustration: N.Réka/Shutterstock. Male illustration: MANSILIYA YURY/Shutterstock]