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Boston Economy Somehow Smaller Than Philly's; More!

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HUB-WIDE—While a lot of keyboards have been struck the last few days talking about how the area's economy is bigger per GDP than countries like Greece, Finland and Israel, we remain flummoxed as to how Greater Boston could finish behind Philly and Dallas right here in the U.S. of A. [WSJ]
HUB-WIDE—Northeastern prof Barry Bluestone on the region's endgame when it comes to high real estate prices: "[Young people] would love to be here because we’ve got great amenities. They would love to be here because there are jobs. But more of them are finding it very difficult to pay the rents here, and are looking for less expensive places to live in places like the Carolinas, out in Oregon [and] Washington, or the Southwest." [WBUR]