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The $8,000 View: Cambridge's Priciest New Rental

Cambridge rentals don't have quite the oomph in the price-tag department as those across the Charles. Still, eight grand is nothing to sneeze at (think of the security deposit!). This 2-BR, 2-BA in The Esplanade hit the market last week and unfolds over its 1,660 square feet pretty much how you would expect: lots of natural light, a modern kitchen, high ceilings, a building with an indoor pool (!) and garage parking (one space comes with this lease). Nothing too gobsmacking. But, then, wowza! The views of the Longfellow and the Zakim and the river and that other city from the wide-open private terrace lifts beyond the merely luxurious into the vaunted realm of our Summer Sites series. Congratulations.

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