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Menino Is No Fan of Chick-fil-A; Boston's Newest Lunch

Here comes Eater Boston with a big picnic basket and a six-pack of restaurant news...

CITY HALL—First Mayor Menino said there was no way he would let Chick-fil-A come to Boston because of the anti-same-sex marriage views of its owner. Then Chick-fil-A said it would withdraw from the same-sex debate, but that wasn't enough for the mayor. So he wrote the company a letter, just to make sure they knew how mad he was. Then he admitted that he couldn't actually stop Chick-fil-A from coming to town, but surely they get the message. Also, people plan to show the company how they feel about its views by kissing in a bunch of Chick-fil-A locations.

WATERFRONTCity Landing became Boston's newest restaurant when it opened for lunch today on State Street in what was once a Sel de la Terre. Chef-owner Bill Brodsky is particularly proud of the lobster roll and shrimp and grits.

FORT POINT—Celebrity chef Ming Tsai has it all: a successful restaurant in Wellesley (Blue Ginger), his own TV show (Simply Ming) plus a run on Iron Chef, his own line of mushroom coffee... But one thing he doesn't have is a restaurant in Boston. Not for long! Tsai has finally spoken up about his plans for Blue Dragon, bound for A Street.

BACK BAY/DOWNTOWN CROSSING—This week the space formerly known as the Oak Bar in the Fairmont Copley reemerged as the lavishly renovated Oak Long Bar + Kitchen. Meanwhile, what was once Bina Osteria is now Sip Wine Bar + Kitchen, where you can order wine in nearly every portion imaginable.