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Early Summer Sales Lull; Freights Rolling Out of Allston

We're taking the Fourth off—see you at noon on Thursday!

ALLSTON—CSX's new freight yard in Worcester will soon "mean a dramatic drop-off in traffic through Beacon Park in Allston—mainly train equipment needing repairs and a few trains going to a small number of customers inside 128..." [Hub]
HUB-WIDE—Broker Bill Kuhlman expected a busier early summer, what with the low mortgage rates and the anecdotes about what a scorching housing market it is. "Instead, my phone and email inquiries dropped off a cliff in mid June. I still have plenty to do for my existing clients, but I haven’t gotten inquiries from new buyers or sellers since early June. I’ve even had two consecutive Sundays and one Saturday with no appointments to show property. That’s a first for me since at least February." []