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$510K in Area 4: Exercise Clause in the Basement

Where: 5 Worcester Street, #5
Price: $510,000
Sale Date:
Square Footage: 1,490
The Skinny: There are certain truisms in Hub real estate listings: floorplans are always to be "open," kitchen's "chef" whenever possible, parking spaces (especially of the deeded variety) are to be talked up. And gyms/exercise rooms? Those come in handy, too. This 3-BR, 2-BA triplex near Kendall Square talked in its listing of a loft bedroom on the third floor, but quickly offered an "exercise room" option for the basement (or an "office" or "entertainment space;" curiously, there do not appear to be any photos of said basement). Up and down the stairs might be enough for us, though.

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Kendall Square

Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA