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Let's All Gawk at This Impossibly Quaint Cambridge Bedroom

'Tis a truism in real estate that the fireplace is in the living room or the dining room, or, if there is either, the master-bedroom suite or the sitting room. So when we stumbled upon this gaping furnace in one of the two snug bedrooms of this Cambridge apartment dating from the 1840s, we paused to stare. The 871-square-foot triplex at 69 Walker Street promises a whisper-quiet environment near the go-go bourgeois redoubt that is Harvard Square and, for just $529,000, a spot on a "gorgeous street with preserved $1m+ single family houses." And warmth. That fireplace promises to make everything near it warm. (Only readily noticeable downside to the place: the bathroom mirror looks like the kind that, if you said "Derek Jeter" three times into it, he would appear and kill the Sox's post-season chances.)

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Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138