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Hold Your Head Up, Hub: We're Beating New York on the Bikes

You can be forgiven if you missed it yesterday, what with Boston's floating neighborhood and Cambridge's most expensive rental. It was the final day for New York City to have its bike-sharing program in place—10,000 bikes at key points throughout the city, ready to roll this morning. Except, per the New York Post:

Alta, the company that was supposed to have put 10,000 bicycles on the street starting today, has asked the lead sponsor to accelerate payments of $3.5 million in case the program is delayed until next spring and runs out of cash, sources said. “They want the money earlier than they would’ve gotten it,” one source said. The sponsor, Citibank, is considering the request, a source said. Meanwhile, Hubway turned 1 last week and expanded this week by several locations, including in Cambridge and Somerville (where its presence is sure to boost property values). We've been taking it on the chin lately re: Gotham. Good to be able to give it back a bit, eh?

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