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Seal Buffer Zone, Fast Times at PriceChopper High; More!

Splitting the city? (Or already split?) Check in with Curbed Cape Cod!

CAPE CODA third great white shark was spotted off Chatham by both a shark spotter pilot (apparently, that's a real job) and a photographer, who snapped a photo of the 16 footer. There's now a seal buffer zone in effect for boaters and beachgoers.

CAPE & ISLANDS Check out our very first edition of Curbed Comparisons. This week, five cottages in five different Cape and Island towns, all under 600 square feet (above).

CAPE & ISLANDS—Some towns are celebrating a belated Fourth with fireworks yet to come. Check out our map of Cape and Islands fireworks here.

HARWICHThe new $65.4 million Monomoy High School got a $1 million pricechop during a two and a half hour meeting, reducing lockers by 50% and then some. Will the new campus make it into our Pricechopper Hall of Fame?