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Got Milk? The Surest Sign Southie's Changing Forever

What's the surest sign Southie's changing forever this year ('cause it is)? That you will soon be able to buy a quart of milk easily along the West Broadway corridor. Yes, Foodie's Urban Market will open by Labor Day in a former 7,000-square-foot warehouse space at 230 West Broadway. Residents assume it will not be the last spot of wanted change along the corridor. “It will be an anchor, and there will be other retail that will come,” Bill Gleason, president of the West Broadway Neighborhood Association, told The Herald. “That little area has been a disconnect because it’s across from the West Broadway housing development. There’s really not been a lot of retail development down there.”

Also a-comin' soon: a Starbucks and a new restaurant at 425 West Broadway. There's also a curated craft beer, wine and liquor store (yes, curated); and, of course, luxury apartments (though not necessarily of the family-friendly size that long-timers want, which might be the point entirely—the newer retail appears aimed at a hipper, tech-ier set). Moreover and finally, the neighborhood association has thrown in $50K planting trees and bushes, the idea being "that a better-looking neighborhood will attract investment." Go, Southie. Go hard.

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[Ryan Hutton via The Herald]