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And the New Name of the Financial District Is...

A week ago we asked you to vote for a new name for the Financial District. See, a group of commercial real estate brokers had declared the neighborhood's chances of a full recovery from the Great Recession terminally iffy, and had suggested that it rebrand itself. Dutifully, we solicited suggestions for new names and they came pouring in; from there, we culled what we thought were the top four: The Harborfront, DoBo (as in Downtown Boston), Chiofaria (as in developer Don Chiofaro), and (our personal favorite) Dollartown.

Well, the results are in, and the new name of Boston's Financial District is... The Harborfront. Meh. We'll take it. The Harborfront edged out DoBo, and both finished well ahead of a third-place tie between Chiofaria and Dollartown. Henceforth and forever more, on this site at least, it's The Harborfront and not the Financial District. Satisfied, commercial broker guys?

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