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Prefab Hub Homes Having a Moment; Describing Cambridge

HUB-WIDE—We're going along with a national trend: "Manufactured housing, once considered to be cheap, drab construction and tarnished by a trailer-park image, has taken an upscale turn. In certain neighborhoods, prefab homes now blend in seamlessly with their conventional neighbors." [Globe]
CAMBRIDGE—Lisa DeCanio nails Curbed Boston's home base: "If you live in Cambridge, you’re either a scholar or a grown-up hipster. The city is so teeming with intellectuals from Harvard and MIT that you can actually just get smarter by crossing the river into Cambridge (O.K. that’s scientifically proven). As for the hipsters, once they outgrow the 22-year-old scene in Allston, they migrate north to less rat-infested apartments and more independent coffee shops in Harvard Square." [BostInno]

Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138