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Burritos for Belmont; Boston's Best, Hottest Restaurants

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Here comes our trencherman cousin, Eater Boston, with a hot map and barbecue sauce on his fingers. This guy.

HUB-WIDE—This week Eater updated Boston's two most vital dining resources: the Eater 38 and the Eater Heatmap. The Eater 38 is a guide to the 38 most essential dining experiences in the city, while the Heatmap is a compendium of all the hottest recent restaurant openings. With those powers combined, just imagine what you could eat.

JP—A drunk driver crashed into Centre Street burger hotspot Grass Fed. But don't worry, everything's O.K. now. And here's a picture of a turkey at a Cambridge Au Bon Pain to make you feel better.

DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Here's an interview with Back Deck chef Paul Sussman on how things have gone thus far at the one-week-old restaurant. "There are a few dishes I'm looking forward to adding once we're ready, one being grilled stuffed lobster." Okay!

BELMONT—Watch out, Belmont: you're about to get your first Mexican restaurant. Well, a Misson-style coffee shop/burrito joint. Cafe Burrito hails from the owner of the nearby Studio Cinema and is gunning for an Aug. 11 opening.