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Medford Native Mocks Boston; Tremont Change; Bikes; More!

BOSTON—Michael Bloomberg, who grew up in a 3-BR on Ronaele Road in Medford, took to Twitter to taunt Boston over New York's tech success: "The @BostonGlobeMag has it right: ?#NYC? is beating ?#Boston? in more than just sports cc: @AppSciNYC @CornellTechNYC." See here for what the mayor is talking about. [Twitter]
ROXBURY—The Globe editorial page has high hopes for the development between Shawmut and Washington: "If the projects successfully mesh with other apartment, retail, and museum development plans in the Dudley Square area—and if the corridor’s traffic woes can be alleviated—Melnea Cass Boulevard can once and for all cut down the wasteland of weeds and become the dynamic community so many thought it could be." [Globe]

SOUTH END—Thank god! "The space formerly occupied by Posh on Tremont, a South End gift shop that closed their doors earlier this year, will not remain vacant for long. Cambridge Savings Bank has signed a long-term lease and will convert the space in the coming months." The city has so few bank branches (oh, wait, no it doesn't). [BosGuy]

HUB-WIDE—Spare a thought for bike lanes, nobody ever does 'round here: "Transportation planners and bicycle advocates have mapped out at least half a dozen major biking thoroughfares that could feed into downtown Boston or to the Charles like spokes to a hub (see map). But every one of those is plagued by significant gaps or roadblocks, their completion stymied by physical barriers, funding shortfalls, a lack of foresight, or political obstacles." [Globe Mag]

Dudley Square

Dudley Street, Boston, MA 02119