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Boston Underwater; Construction Boom!

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We're taking a summer Friday. See you bright and surly Monday morning. As always, thanks for reading and the confidential tipline's always open. Cheers.

Hub-Wide— Your favorite places in Boston could soon be underwater. This past July goes on record for being the hottest recorded month in 48 states since 1895. Congressman Ed Markey said Massachusetts, on average, loses 2.8 million square feet of land each year due to rising sea levels—“a rate that is three to four times higher than the global average.” [BostInno]

Seaport District— Construction is really taking off in the Seaport but not everyone is happy about it. The The loud pile driving and foundation work on Waterside Place is decribed as a “sonic boom” and vibrates everything from computer monitors, chairs to floors. [Herald]