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Cleveland Circle Gets Hotel; North End Rumblings

Brighton/Brookline — Cleveland Circle, you’re next! A proposal will be filed today to the city to build a 181-room Hilton Garden Inn hotel and 82 luxury apartments. Revised plan calls for 181-room hotel, 82 luxury apartments, retail, offices in Cleveland CircleThis five-story mixed-used building will also house 19,000 square feet of medical office space, 14,200 square feet for retail and restaurants and include 141 parking spaces. It would sit on two separate sites, replacing the existing Applebee’s restaurant in Brighton and the former Circle Cinema space on the Brighton-Brookline border. And of course, residential units would only be one or two-bedrooms. []

North End — City Councilor Salvatore LaMattina proposes fining landlords for unruly tenants, which has been an growing issue in the North End. Stephanie Hogue, president of the residents’ association said, "the acoustics of the North End’s narrow streets lined with brick buildings are such that even a conversational tone is amplified, disturbing neighbors." []