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A Shark Week Curbed Comparisons; Hottest Week And More!

CAPE & ISLANDS - What's this, are The Real Housewives coming to the Cape & Islands? Nope, the house above is part of our Shark Week edition of Curbed Comparisons. This week, five properties in five different Cape and Islands neighborhoods, all with swimming pools, asking $359K to $19.995M.

CAPE & ISLANDS - Sexytime! Check out our Hottest Week throw down over the bridge. Today, a face-off between Ptown and Nantucket.

CAPE & ISLANDS - Ever visit Facebook and realize there's not nearly enough Curbed going on? That's easily fixed! Head over to the Curbed Cape Cod Facebook page and hit "Like." Our top stories will show up in your Facebook feed, like magic. And hey, follow us on Twitter, too. We're tweeting with the handle @CurbedCapeCod.

HYANNIS PORT - In celebrity real estate news, the rumor mill has been working overtime this week with speculation that Taylor Swift has purchased this $4.9M house in the Kennedy Compound.