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Here Comes Another Flour; Legendary Cocktails Now!

The latest from Easter Boston, finger-lickin' good.

HARVARD SQUARE—If you think you might like some of the world's best cocktails, drop everything and head over to First Printer to check out living legend Brother Cleve's brand-spankin' new cocktail program. The bar is currently being tended by the myth himself.

HUB-WIDE—Gosh, if only someone would put together a definitive, mapped guide to the most enticing cold-brew coffee hotspots in town. Done! Coffee nerds and those with sensitive teeth rejoice.

SOMERVILLE/TBD—Somerville is the scene of a restaurant explosion these days, but sadly longtime neighborhood favorite The Paddock has shut its doors. But in happier news, Joanne Chang reports that she's planning another location of her immensely popular Flour Bakery + Cafe. Well, maybe two.

KENDALL SQUARE—Southern food is all the rage in Boston these days, but is that a good thing, and is all of the so-called Southern food actually Southern food? Saltville, Virginia native and Hungry Mother chef Barry Maiden weighs in.