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Vineyard Compound Asks $92M!; Truro Shark Attack; More!

And, now, the weekly good word from Curbed Cape Cod, where it's sunny like it is here, but breezy, too. Sigh.

TRURO—It turns out the sharks aren't just in town for the seals after all. On Monday, a great white checked in as Mayor at Ballston Beach, but "It wasn't like a shark was lurking off that particular beach." Right.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Help us find the sexy! We've extended the entry period Hottest Week. We're looking for nominations for the Curbed annual contest to find the hottest brokers on the Cape and Islands. PS: You can nominate yourself!
CAPE & ISLANDS—This week in Curbed Comparisons, five properties in five different Cape and Islands neighborhoods, all asking 995K (above). Waterfront? Check. Outdoor fireplace? Check. Dock? Check. All at the same property? Not so much.
WEST TISBURY—This is neither a joke nor a typo, a Vineyard compound (pictured) has hit the market asking $92,000,000 (that's in U.S. dollars).