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Plot Where J.F.K. Plotted: $289K for Beacon Street Studio

Some day soon Hub real estate will evolve (devolve?) into a mass of micro-apartments. For now, there are ancestors of the trend roaming the landscape all about us: the 263-square-foot condo near Tom Brady's old place; the 470-square-foot one-bedroom on Revere that asked $2,400 a month; or the 330-square-foot penthouse, with escape hatch, on Arlington. Add one more to the herd: a 330-square-foot studio at 21 Beacon Street recently listed for $289,000. This one's got a particular provenance, however, that the others do not: Brookline's own John F. Kennedy rented in the building (it was the Bellevue Hotel then) just after World War II, when he was plotting his first political campaign. We've all been there: 20-something in the city, taking whatever they're giving, nursing big dreams in tiny spaces.

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