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South Station Expansion; Where the College Kids Go; More!

DOWNTOWN—There is a major movement afoot to expand South Station: "The planning effort will study ways to add new platforms and new terminal tracks, rework track interlocking to operate more efficiently, expand and upgrade passenger amenities, build a new daytime layover rail vehicle storage facility and improve the streetscape and urban design, including an reconstructing Dorchester Avenue and creating an extension of the Boston Harborwalk, officials said." []
MASS.-WIDE—About that $25B foreclosure settlement with the banks in February: "The banks are fighting hard to roll back a string of Supreme Judicial Court foreclosure decisions that demand that banks follow the law when seizing Massachusetts residents’ homes." [Globe]
BOSTON—There are many mansions in the city's collegiate house: "Brighton can be a bit quieter, and is home to older residents and families, but is also popular among recent college graduates (who haven’t given up the partying life yet.)" [Block Avenue]

MBTA South Station

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