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318 Beacon Street: Now You See It, Now You Don't

When last we stuck our beak in 318 Beacon Street's business, it was February and we were noting that the scrumptious townhouse had just hit the sales market for the same price as what Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen were asking for their penthouse nearby: $10,500,000. Now it appears that 318 Beacon may actually end up getting what Tomsele got in the end: $9,200,000. The 8-BR, 10-BA townhouse seems to have disappeared from the market, only to have reappeared a couple of weeks ago for $9,300,000. Ta-da! Much is the same, however: the many rooms (19) over 10,500 square feet; an elevator to all levels; a roof deck; four garaged parking spaces. One thing has noticeably changed: The old listing declared that the townhouse's 12-foot windows afforded "the most mesmerizing views of the Charles River;" the new listing assures an "unparalleled panorama of the Charles River." We report. You decide.

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