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Boston's 15 Most Iconic Drinks; One Intense Year

It's Eater Boston and it's been drinking!

HUB-WIDE—This is it, folks: the definitive guide to Boston's 15 most iconic drinks. Of all time. Ever. No Exceptions. If you disagree you're crazy. Also, it's a map!
SOMERVILLE—Well this is sad. The Bearded Pig in Union Square has closed down just three weeks after it opened. The owner tells Eater that the problem was finding the right kitchen space, and Chowhounds theorize that it may have had something to do with the neighbors not digging the barbecue restaurant's smoker.
KENDALL SQUARE—Perhaps by now you've heard about the tremendous adversity that Abigail's had to deal with during its opening. Eater talks with owner-operator Sarah Murnane about what can only be described as a triumphant year.
BAY VILLAGE—Something's up with neighborhood darling Mike & Patty's. The little corner restaurant says it's "closed until further notice," but - fingers crossed - "further notice" might only mean until next week.