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Hot Tip! Former Southie Firehouse Up for Sale for $375K

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Boston's chock-a-block with history in its real estate (churches! schools! J.F.K. Slept Here!), but nothing quite sparks the urban imagination like an old firehouse, amirite? The former one at 330 Dorchester Street in Southie has hit the sales market for $375,000.

Its two open floors unfold over 2,254 square feet, with double bay doors and a mansard roof (it's also got parking in the rear). It's a handyman's delight, of course, given the history. In January 1861, it became the home of Hand Hose Company 10; seven years later, that became Horse Hose Company 10; and 25 years after that, in 1893, the firehouse closed. It may have had an intermittent second life as a coal station for the newfangled steam engines that were replacing the horse-drawn firetrucks; but its true second life will likely come when some adventurous sort turns it into an apartment just in time to get in on the South Boston real estate boom.

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[1884 map of Southie showing the firehouse; courtesy of Boston Fire Historical Society]