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'Twas Days Before Allston Christmas...; More!

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HUB-WIDE—Sound advice on neighbors as we enter a run of move-in days (and as good an excuse as any to embed the pre-MTV video for the Stones single "Neighbours"): "For the most part, nosy people simply don't have very eventful personal lives. That's not an opinion, it's fact of life. And, it is for this reason that one of the biggest red flags a neighbor can exhibit is whether or not they mettle in your affairs." [Block Avenue]
ALLSTON—Speaking of moving! Matt Rocheleau pens an utterly inspired ode to Allston Christmas: "'Twas days before Allston Christmas, when all through Gardner, Ashford & Pratt / Every creature was stirring, many a rat / Packed boxes were left by the door without care / In hopes that a rental truck soon would be there." []