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$6M Reno at The Langham; Scottish Hooters in Quincy (or Not)

It's Eater Boston with the week's foodie news!

CHINATOWN—Sh?j?, a modern Asian restaurant named for a mythological creature on the search for a never-ending sake river, has opened in Chinatown. Unfortunately, the space was too small to fit an actual never-ending sake river. The restaurant is a new venture from the team behind dim sum staple China Pearl, which is right upstairs.
FINANCIAL DISTRICT—The Langham is undergoing a $6-million renovation to the 6,000-foot lobby, part of which will become a champagne lounge called The Reserve. It will feature an afternoon tea service through a partnership with the Wedgwood Collection. The renovation will result in "a dramatic new entrance, reception area and dining enclave to complement the existing architecture."
QUINCYA Quincy church is not pleased about the proposed Tilted Quilt Pub & Eatery (the "Scottish Hooters") that seeks to open in the neighborhood. The Vegas-based sports pub chain features scantily-clad waitresses in "Celtic-themed" attire (that'd be plaid, not basketball). Oh, and they serve food and beer.
COOLIDGE CORNERHops N Scotch is set to soft open early next week in the expansive two-story space that the Brookline location of Finale used to occupy. The major renovation included the addition of an elevator so that the second floor can be used as an additional dining room. As the name implies, the bar and restaurant focuses on craft beers and whisky. The menu is comprised of simple comfort food.