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96 Pinckney Adds $100K Discount to Two Years' Garage Parking

Back in April, we highlighted this 5-BR, 5-BA at 96 Pinckney Street as one of the 10 priciest in Boston then that promised a home office. Well, if you set your sights on this townhouse and have been saving your euros ever since, pick up a pen (or whatever electronic device you use to do your accounting) and strike $100,000 from the household-buying budget, because that's how much the price was recently sliced, down to—wait for it—$2,899,000.

Yeah, the high-end market in hoity-toity Beacon Hill will never be cheap, but we'll take what we can, right? The, 3,867-square-foot home has been on the market since last October – apparently, twisty staircases, penthouse au pair suites and beautifully updated kitchens with high-end appliances don't fly off the real estate shelves like they used to. The seller is even offering two years of paid garage parking nearby to sweeten the deal. — Rachel Lebeaux

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