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Pink Elephants for Allston Christmas; Hub Housing Taxes

HUB-WIDE—Word on the street is a lot of people are moving this weekend. Here's some advice, including: "Remember- moving sucks, so you'll want to make plans to unwind afterwards. Knowing there's an unlimited amount of alcohol right around the corner awaiting your arrival won't make the stress of moving disappear, but it'll make it a tad more bearable." [Block Avenue]
HUB-WIDE—The day's are getting shorter, some tax advice for the year: "In Brookline, the residential exemption is a percent of the total assessed value of a home, while in Boston it is a constant number. Brookline's exemption does not exceed 20% , and in FY2012 was approximately 16.5%. In Boston, owner occupants saved $1,644.28 on their tax bill in FY2012." [Ruth Lerner]