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Food Truck Goes Restaurant; Tales of Amazing Servers

Take a big, heaping plate of Eater Boston with you for the long weekend.

CAMBRIDGE—Sometimes a food truck is not just a food truck. Because sometimes, it ducks into a phone booth and becomes a full-fledged restaurant. For instance: the beloved Vietnamese food truck Bon Me has officially declared its plans to open a brick and mortar in the restaurant hotbed that is Kendall Square.
HUB-WIDE—This week Eater asked readers and members of the local media to weigh in on their favorite front of house staff members - your bartenders, hosts, general managers and so forth - at local establishments. See here for the full series and to find out just whose "well-fed faces" restaurant critic MC Slim JB "was tempted to plunge a fancy butter knife into."
BUOTTO Pizza may have started in Portland, ME, but it's in the process of taking over Boston. Earlier this week the pizza chainlet opened its third Boston-area location on Comm Ave near BU. What's more, the space was previously an Upper Crust.
EAST BOSTON—The only Massachusetts restaurant to serve Bolivian cuisine and one of very few to do Sonoran Mexican food is now open on Chelsea Street in Eastie. Now who wants a bacon-wrapped hot dog? Or rather, who doesn't?