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Mass. Ave. Zoning Tweak; Fighting Prostitution w/ Real Estate

ROXBURY—There was a site at Blue Hill Avenue and Woodcliff Street that was rife with prostitution: "Three multifamily buildings now sit there. DaSilveira’s construction team is putting final touches on the nine units, which have been sold to first-time home buyers, who are scheduled to move in by September." []

NORTH CAMBRIDGE—That unanimous City Council vote to rezone parts of northern Mass. Ave. to encourage developments with retail on the ground floors and apartments up top, that's not really a rezoning at all: "The 'change' is not as much of a change as a way to incentivize the type of development that already exists along the section of Mass. Ave. that begins north of Harvard Square and extends to the border with Arlington." [Chronicle]

Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138