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Rent Fight in Medford; Surprise in Central Square

We will be on vacation for a week in Italy, where urban planning stopped in the second century. We leave Curbed Boston in the savvy hands of guest editor Brenda Phan.

CAMBRIDGE—Forest City's plans have hit a speed bump: "City councilors let a biotech building proposal for near Central Square die—at least for now—at a special meeting... The standing-room-only crowd at City Hall, made up largely of opponents, cheered in surprise." [Day]

MALDEN/MEDFORD—That big landlord-tenant fight has just been cranked to 11: "Anwar Faisal, the Boston real estate magnate who purchased 265 units in four buildings in April, has filed dozens of eviction proceedings in Malden District Court against tenants he said are refusing to negotiate or provide their names or phone numbers." []

Central Square

Central Square, , MA 02139