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Seaport Development; Boston's No. 18 Ranking; More!

BostonA huge cargo terminal project
planned for the South Boston waterfront is getting new life
after being shelved for 5 years. Cargo Ventures originally
had a $130 million dollar project on 50,000 square feet of a
3 building complex on 30-acres of city-owned land. The plan included a mix of
seafood processors, cold-storage facilities, warehouse, and a bulk cargo
handling facility. Cargo Ventures lists Millennium Partners
(as in developers of Downtown’s Millennium
Tower) as its primary equity
investor. The BRA board is scheduled to vote on the revised project at today’s
meeting. Stay tuned! [Herald]

Hub-WideViolent crimes are likely to happen in anywhere in the city, not only “crime-recognized neighborhoods like Dorchester, Roxbury, and Mattapan.” Guess which popular cross-streets in Boston have a high number of reported violent crimes? [Block Avenue]

Hub-WideBased on a new report by an event management firm, Boston is ranked 18th in hosting corporate meetings. In the last 12 months, Boston has hosted over 2,000 corporate meetings with 200-300 attendees each. Rankings are based on the number of top 250 trade shows each city attracts. [Globe]