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Mapping Lobster Pie on the Cape & Islands; JawsFest And More!

CAPE COD - It turns out that the sharks are good for business, luring tourists over the bridge. Thankfully, there's a public service announcement on swimming with great white sharks.

CAPE & ISLANDS - Here now, the ultimate guide to lobster pie on the Cape & Islands. We've mapped where to find lobster pot pie, lobster mac and cheese pie and more.

CAPE & ISLANDS -This week in Curbed Comparisons, five properties in five different Cape and Islands neighborhoods, all asking 2,950,000 (above). Waterfront? Check. Tennis Court? Check. Dock? Check. All at the same property? Perhaps.

MARTHA'S VINEYARD - Hi, Neighbor. Pick up a retro can of 'Gansett just in time for JawsFest, beginning today on Amity Island, aka the Vineyard.