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Menino's Missing Piece

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Mayor Menino’s tireless push for Waterfront development has shifted focus back to the shores of East Boston (for now).

After much skepticism about how the Mayor would be able to raise funds to expand water transportation service along the waterfront, The Federal Highway Administration has awarded $1.28 million for Boston to purchase two ferry boats.

Menino plans on implementing a new ferry service that will connect East Boston to the other waterfront neighborhoods by next year. The plan would connect it with Charlestown and South Boston, areas less accessible from East Boston by subway.

Details about the ferry routes and the cost to ride are still unclear, but that isn’t delaying the projected start date in 2013 (which is only a few months away).

Part of his grand scheme to revitalize the East Boston waterfront is to bring more water transportation to the area. The last ferry service in the 1990’s was shut down due to low passenger ridership. With the new developments taking place on both sides of the Waterfront and improvements to transportation, he’s hoping for this to change.

The other part of his plan is the new developments that are planned to go up in East Boston, with about 1,800 housing units created by private developments.

Menino has hailed the potential benefits of easy transportation between East Boston and the so-called Innovation District in the South Boston Seaport area, where a growing number of technology companies and other employers are setting up shop.

East Boston has always been in sight for Mayor Menino’s economic development plans for Boston. This is just another piece of the puzzle to his master plan. Let the people come! - Brenda Phan

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