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Three Ritz Parking Spaces for $25K a Month, Apt. Included

'Cording to our pals at Zillow, there are but three apartments for rent in Boston for at least $20,000, and this is one of them: four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms over 3,770 square feet at the Ritz-Carlton. Unsurprisingly, the combined two-unit is crazy nice: 14-foot ceilings, dictatorial views through wall-size windows, wet bar, the building's services, yada yada. What really gobsmacked us (and regular readers will know it takes a lot) were the three garaged parking spaces available with the $25,000 rent—valeted, natch. Enviable, to say the least, in the Thunderdome that is downtown Boston parking.

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Ritz-Carlton Residences

2 Avery Street, Boston, MA 02111