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Slim Pickins: Five Hub Apartments for $1K a Month or Less

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Allston Christmas ended in an orgy of fines and building condemnations. What's left for the industrious collegian to pick through rental-wise in the Hub? We culled five listings, each renting for no more than $1,000 a month. Please note: they're not all dumps, read 'til the end.

Where: 37 Revere Street, #7
What: 1-BR, 1-BA
Rent: $1,000
The Skinny: The 660-square-foot Beacon Hill flat is small dog- and cat-friendly; and the building has a common roof deck that promises "amazing city views." The exposed brick, too, should be a deal-closer with any date.

Where: 217 Lexington Avenue, #3
What: 1-BR, 1-BA
Rent: $900
The Skinny: This 700-square-foot Eastie assemblage is brutally honest in its listing: "This one bedroom apartment is perfect for one person!" It is not perfect for anything else (including pets—they're not allowed).


Where: 706 Huntington Avenue
What: 2-BR, 2.5-BA
Rent: $900
The Skinny: Infinitely sunnier than the last two, this 1,046-square-foot Mission Hill spread is small dog- and cat-friendly and, well, appears to have been cleaned in the last year. Bravo!

Where: 9 West Broadway, #103
What: 2-BR, 2-BA
Rent: $700
The Skinny: Wowza! Almost too good to be true, this shiny 1,279-square-foot flat in Southie's Court Square Press building (one of the Curbed Boston 76!). The rent includes access to the building's amenities, including concierge, pool and gym.

Where: 21 Brighton Avenue
What: 2-BR, 1-BA
Rent: $600
The Skinny: We end in Allston, in a surprisingly spry unit that seems to make smart use of its 900 square feet, including stacked W/D. There's even a working fireplace and a large patio, where, the listing assures us, "bbq's allowed." Who says you can't still get a deal in this town?

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