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Boston's New Landlord Tax; Cambridge Fab for Youngsters!

BOSTON—John A. Keith puts the city's plans for a landlord registry in sharper perspective: "Landlords would be charged $15 to be added to the city's database (basically, just for being), raising an estimated $2.1 million in new revenue. Then, any time a landlord signed a lease with a new tenant, the city would charge $50-75 for an inspection. Given that an estimated 15% of Boston apartments change hands every year, the city will assess $1.05 million in new taxes on Boston property owners, annually." [John A. Keith]
CAMBRIDGE—The People's Republic was one of six Mass. municipalities selected as just fantastic for young people. The city "will receive a trophy, a $2,500 grant, and a sign acknowledging the recognition. The grant money can be used to help fund a specific youth program or help fund a local event to celebrate the win." []