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A Chatham Nip & Tuck; Curbed Comparisons for $999K; More!

It's still summer at Curbed Cape Cod. Jealous?

CHATHAM—We headed down to the lower Cape to check out this Chatham Preservation Award winner (above). The 1881 in-town Victorian got a high end nip and tuck in 2007 and now includes a top of the line kitchen, wine cellar and guest apartment. Yours for $3.25M.
CAPE & ISLANDS—This week in Curbed Comparisons, five properties in five different Cape and Islands neighborhoods, all asking $999,000. That'll get you an indoor pool in North Falmouth, right on the sand in Sagamore Beach or a 220' on Long Pond in Harwich.
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EAST SANDWICH—Yet another PriceSpotter for mere mortals. This week's asking price guessing game featured a 400 sq. ft. two bedroom cottage right across from East Sandwich Beach asking $274,900. Check back tomorrow for a new PriceSpotter.