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The Reserve Opens at The Langham; A Bar Made of Ice

Time for a nosh with our restaurant and nightlife expert Eater Boston.

[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

FINANCIAL DISTRICTTake a look at posh new champagne bar The Reserve at the newly renovated The Langham hotel on Franklin Street. Apparently $6 million buys you a lot of beige. The Reserve is one of Eater's most hotly anticipated fall openings of 2012.
FANEUIL HALL—Boston's such a great place to wine and dine, but residents frequently complain that there just aren't any good bars made entirely out of ice and chilled to a constant 24 degrees. But that's all about to change.
BOSTON—Surely you're familiar with the so-called "Jesus fish" emblem commonly seen on pious automobiles. Legal Sea Foods has now coopted that religious symbol for marketing purposes, putting its own name where "Jesus" is frequently writ in a new ad campaign. "I'm not really trying to offend anybody," says the company's C.E.O., unconvincingly.
CHESTNUT HILLDavio's may only have one of its original three restaurant left in the Boston area, but it just inked a deal with a major international movie theater company to open a huge new restaurant called Davio's Cucina at the upcoming Showcase Super Lux cinema complex. And perhaps at some of the company's other 900+ theaters.