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Ins and Outs of Mass. Foreclosures; New Alewife Apartments

MASS.-WIDE—Foreclosure starts were down in July a were the number of endgames initiated: "Foreclosure deeds, the last step in the foreclosure process, also dropped about 17 percent in July on a year-to-year comparison basis; there were 648 foreclosures in July 2012, the Warren Group said. That number is the fewest for any month this year, and July 2012 was the slowest month since May 2011..." [Globe]
CAMBRIDGE—Marc Levy breaks down the apartment mix for proposed developments about Alewifeand it mirrors a larger trend of family-unfriendly housing Hub-wide: "...68 percent of the proposed units are studios or have one bedroom; 31 percent have two bedrooms; and the family-size, three-bedroom units make up less than 1 percent." [Day]