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You Are Smiling Right Now If You're a Seller in Southie

Presenting Neighborhood Watch, a monthly breakdown from Curbed Boston about what's going on market-wise in key neighborhoods 'round the region (and, for our purposes here, towns and cities are neighborhoods, too—because they almost were, after all). All stats courtesy of William Raveis Real Estate. Next up, South Boston, the changing-est neighborhood in town. Last up, the South End.

The stats for Southie's single-family market in August were pretty much a pitch-perfect example of a seller's market: median and average sales prices were up annually (to $465,000 and $485,974, respectively); sales were up; and the average number of days spent on the market and the inventory of homes up for sale were both down.

Ditto the neighborhood's condo market: it appears to be all in the thrall of sellers. Sales were up 21.5 percent annually; the average sales price was up 5.9 percent to $405,532; the median was up 3.9 percent to $389,000; and inventory and days on the market were both down by double-digit percentages.

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